Villa La Corniche
The place for your holidays
Anglais (US)
Our Villa history since the origin until nowdays... 

I decided to leave in the Villa la Corniche in 1999 a place that I have inherited from my grandmother. The Villa "Corniche" was built in 1890 on a land that my grand grand father had acquired in 1880. At that time, the hill was virgin of all constructions and for the farmer who was Pierre Meiffret (my grand grand father) this place required a hard work to create the restanques where he could cultivate flowers and vegetables. 
In 2000, when I became the owner of the places, I carry out a first section of work which enables me to put in conformity the house while preserving its authenticity. 
In 2003 my wife and I continued renovation works by arranging the last level which became an office and a friend’s room. The back part of the house where we used to pack the flowers became the Eucalyptus studio. 
In 2008, we continued to arrange the place by carrying out an extension to the existing terrace allowing to fully enjoy the life outside. 
In 2010, we have finally the project to build a swimming pool; we arranged a Pool House in 2011 (which is becoming the Mimosas studio) and hope to concretize the construction project of the swimming pool into 2012/2013.